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You can now get your Bank Statements delivered to you electronically, If you have Netteller click on the Estatement tab to begin.

Bill Pay

NetTeller Bill Payment

Imagine paying your bills without ever having to write checks, to buy stamps or to complete and mail your bills. Once Bill Pay is established, just a few clicks on your computer keyboard and your payments are set up and ready to be made at the time you designate. There is no easier or better way to pay your bills!

Pay anyone. Make fast, easy payments to someone who doesn't normally send you a bill (like the baby-sitter, gardener or a friend). You can set them up as a “payee” in a matter of minutes.Improved payment process. If your payee accepts electronic payments, it will take only 2 days for your payment to be delivered from the time you request it sent. If your payee does not accept electronic payments, paper checks are delivered within 7 days. To sign up for Bill pay printout the application, fill it out and mail or drop it by the main office.

Netteller Application for Bill Payment